DigiKhata, a Pakistani fintech, raises $2 million in seed funds

DigiKhata, a Pakistani fintech, recently raised $2 million in seed funding.

The company will use this funding to expand and evolve their operations, in order to continue in its mission to aid small businesses in establishing themselves in the digital space, through digitized bookkeeping as well as through online stores, using their web and mobile applications. DigiKhata’s features include allowing businesses to keep digital financial records of transactions, and also allowing them to send their customers payment reminders when needed. The Faisalabad based fintech also recently launched its new app, DigiDokaan, which helps business owners set up and run their own online stores. 

Adnan Aslam, DigiKhata’s CEO and founder, recognized that the “MSME sector contributes significantly to the Pakistani economy in terms of GDP, exports and employment”, and is looking to further expand their enterprise, so that they can further help businesses in this sector prosper and flourish through the use of their “world-class utility solutions”. 

DigiKhata is well on its way to building the largest digital network of MSMEs in Pakistan despite facing competition in the local market, and the CEO’s insistence that competition is good for business and “keeps you on your toes” is a testament to why this is the case.


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