Facebook Marketplace made available to Pakistani entrepreneurs

Facebook recently launched Marketplace for Pakistan, which is its customer-to-customer platform that allows individuals to buy and sell items online.

Facebook Marketplace was first launched by the company in 2016, and has since been made available in over 100 countries, the latest of which is Pakistan as users did not have access to this feature before. 

The Marketplace feature allows Facebook users to buy and sell products using their existing accounts, with no additional account set up required. With the surge in the need for and growth of e-commerce in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, access to a platform like Marketplace is incredibly beneficial, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Razak Dawood, the Commerce Advisor to the Prime Minister, said that he was happy to see Facebook launch Marketplace for Pakistan, adding that “such opportunities during Covid-19 could be a lifeline for micro enterprises,” particularly for “women entrepreneurs who want to engage in market activity by buying and selling in the community of friends, family and networks.”

Marketplace can be accessed through the Facebook app and on computers and tablets.


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