Co-chairman of UKPBC, Suleman Raza writes to PM Boris Johnson

UK-based Pakistani Entrepreneur and Co-chairman of the UK Pakistan Business Council, Suleman Raza raises his voice against the unfair red list decision of shifting neighboring countries to the Amber list while keeping Pakistan on the red list.

“I feel it is highly unfair for a country like Pakistan which is performing exceptionally well in containing the new, highly contagious Delta Variant if compared with neighboring countries. The Economist ranked Pakistan 3rd for its responsiveness, recently. Pakistan’s daily cases amounted to 4745 on the 5th of August while our neighboring country recorded 44,643 cases the same day. In short, 97% more cases than cases recorded in Pakistan. I would like to ask a question to the government of the UK here: What is the criteria of shifting countries in the Amber list and why is Pakistan still in the red list with fewer cases than countries who were shifted to the Amber list?”

Mr. Suleman has also condemned the silence of the Pakistani Government and the Foreign Office for not addressing the UK government’s decision of keeping Pakistan in the red list while knowing the impacts of this decision on UK-based Pakistanis.

“There hasn’t been any statement to address the concerns of UK-based Pakistanis, many of which are devastated by this decision despite Pakistan’s efforts to cope with the Delta variant of the Coronavirus. I urge the Pakistani Government and the Foreign Office to understand how costly this decision is for Pakistanis who are away from their families and Pakistanis who are suffering huge losses to their careers and businesses built over years of hard work. There has been a decline in business transactions and revenue generation due to Pakistan’s presence on the red-list. While we appreciate the statement from Mr. Moazzam Ahmed Khan, the Pakistan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, we also await any further action from the Pakistani High Commission to the UK as well. Every British-Pakistani businessman stands by the Pakistani government and the High Commission and he hopes that the concerns of UK-based Pakistanis will be addressed by Pakistan”, he said in a video uploaded yesterday.

Mr. Suleman will be writing to the Honorable Prime Minister’s Office to share his thoughts on this discriminatory action. Due to its heavy impact on the business community,  he plans call upon the UK government to reconsider their criteria of imposing travel restrictions on countries and especially, treat Pakistan fairly along with other countries in terms of travel restrictions.


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