in and TPL Trakker enter into partnership, an e-commerce platform, has partnered with TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s leading IoT company, in order to optimize its services and further facilitate its users. enables small business owners and entrepreneurs to create their own web stores using their app and benefit from the scope provided by e-commerce, allowing them to expand their consumer base and flourish. Through this new partnership, will be able to provide sellers with more accurate and efficient location information through TPL Trakker’s Location-Based Services, which cover a dataset of 400 cities, over 5 million geocoded addresses, and 600,000 kilometers of the road network.

The partnership was inducted through a signing ceremony, attended by Sarwar Ali Khan, the CEO of TPL Trakker, Monis Rahman, the Co-founder of, and Zohair Ali, Director Channel Success at

Sarwar Ali Khan, the CEO of TPL Trakker, said regarding this development, “at TPL Trakker, we are committed to supporting start-ups to build synergies. It is always a pleasure to encourage local Pakistani organizations that serve small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. is a platform for the hyper-local businesses and consumers and these are the consumers we aim to serve to help them grow and expand.” 

Zohair Ali, Director Channel Success at, stated, “Dukan is designed in the unique local context to address issues Pakistani e-commerce businesses face. Partnering with TPL, which offers Pakistan’s premier digital mapping service, complements our mission. This partnership will help us make the fulfillment process smooth for sellers and help them grow their businesses on our platform.”


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