Customers’ Growing Dissatisfaction with MCB

MCB has long been subjected to customer complaints regarding their online banking system. According to various online reviews, the most common complaint about the mobile app is its user-unfriendliness, slow speed and continuous crashes.

Recently there have also been allegations that the debit card applications have been going amiss- a conduct unheard of for a bank the size of MCB. In typical cases, customers can expect to receive a debit card within 15-20 days, however, this seems to be a fever dream for MCB customers, many of whom are reapplying for the 2nd /3rd time due to mishandling of applications and problems in the application tracking system by MCB employees. According to a customer reapplying for a debit card for the 3rd time, MCB had misplaced his application when he applied the first time around. When he asked for an update, a month later, he was asked to reapply. He awaited for a response after his second application, only to be informed his application cannot be tracked.

The degree of service provided by MCB is not up to par. Customers often receive false messages notifying them their complaints have been resolved, only for them to find out that is not the case. It is necessary for MCB to reorganize itself and ensure the customers are getting the value they have been promised.


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